Week 5, Entry 3 – Open access dangers…please share!

One of the biggest issues that the IT department in my organization has had withresearching and piloting various web 2.0 technologies has been open access.  They are concerned about the security of our network and the introduction of viruses, worms, content manipulation / false representation, etc.  While the concerns are valid, I can’t yet grasp the impacts of their concerns.

I had a personal experience where my account on Myspace was hacked and my account was used to advertise various products.  Once I changed my password to something more secure and claimed my “site” back…the issue was relatively “small” in the grand scheme of things.   The hackers didn’t spread a virus all over Myspace, they didn’t post nasty comments, etc.

I’m curious as to some of the issues that you may have had regarding open access / open content and how they were handled.  Please feel free to share!

2 thoughts on “Week 5, Entry 3 – Open access dangers…please share!

  1. We have had an issue with SecondLife because of the way they present IP addresses to their islands. It does not seem like they are using a web farm, so every island has a different IP. This is a huge administrative drain on our Network Team, so for now it is blocked. They can open up the world to our network just to allow SL, and they would be inundated with support calls if they opened it half-way.
    Our IT guys actually reached out to SL to get some enterprise support, and SL was not responsive at all.
    So it remains blocked.

  2. My Facebook account was hacked into and crazy URLs were sent to my friends. Like you I did not catch a virus and I changed my password and was okay. But it is unnerving and a bit of a pain.

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