Week 4, Entry 1 – Response to Weekly Prompt

How do you judge the value of expertise on the Web? Does it differ from your notion of expertise in face-to-face settings? Why or why not?

I am probably one of the most niave web users in the world.  As I indicated in a previous blog post, until a previous class, where a professor pointed out that Wikipedia is not necessarily considered a “reliable source”, I basically took most of what I read on there to be gospel.  🙂  My thoughts were that as long as there were sources cited or documentation of the author’s credentials, I felt as tough the associated content could be trusted.  I view face-to-face expertise in the same light.

While I do acknowledge that there are “posers” all over the web, there are also very reliable and credible experts contributing content.  Just as we must determine whether a person’s expertise is reliable face-to-face, we must also make that determination via the web.  The only difference to me is that I wouldn’t have the convenience of discussing their expertise at that very moment…but the web allows me to communicate with them and conduct research to support my decision of regarding their expertise as viable.